M C Escher Drive

A driver navigates his way through and Escheresque world.

Viral for some automobile.

Used Car Catapult

All you need is a tractor, a shotgun, a giant catapult and an old car.

What do you do with the gas you save? Light it on fire and fling it into the air too, of course.

Car vs Trailer

Is this a car trailer or trailer car? Car has a problem pulling a trailor up a hill.

Some people just aren't very smart.

Cornstarch Fingers

When cornstarch and water are mixed, the product appears to have a liquid quality.

When vibrated at a high frequency, the mixture starts to act very differently.

SNL: Homocil

You can't control whatever he is or isn't.

But you can control how it affects you.

Homocil can provide relief for parental anxiety disorder.

Homocil can help.

Because it's your problem.

Not theirs.

SNL skit.

Sesame Street Pinball Number Count Remix

Remix of Pinball Number Count from Sesame Street.

Video features music by The Pointer Sisters and the footage that accompanied it on the show along with scenes from The Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie.