Grim & Evil: Battle Forts

Load up on weapons and lob them onto your oponents evil lair.

Sleep works great, dirty socks don't seem to do much.

Mr Nice

My name is Mr Nice.

As you can see, I don't have any arms or hands.

But that doesn't stop me from dancing, does it.

Daft Punk: Work It by EvilZug

Old skewl 8-bit computer game characters come to life to the Daft Punk song 'Work It' in the ever loved and time tested glory of two-frame animation.

Music by Daft Punk.

Xiaoxiao 3

Probably the best stick figure fight scenes to date.

Anthony Daniels: Threepio from StarWars

I can be at a dinner party, Daniels (actor who played Threepio in Star Wars) laughs, and Ill say something in Threepios voice - quite inadvertently - and everybody just falls about with laughter.

Its as though Im momentarily possessed by him.

But when people say Do the voice.

Do the voice. I say no! Im mean that way!

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Looks like an old 16-bit video game intro that someone did voice overs for with computer generated voices.

Then he turned it into an electronica track and took every picture that is being passed around the web, made it his own and used it for the video.


TROOPS is a spoof of COPS set in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap

We got the Death Star,
We got the Death Star,
We got the Death Star,
We got the Death Star!!!!