Marriage Advice

Two married men give rosey advice to a friend who is about to be married.

Clip from SNL.

Old Glory Insurance: Robot Insurance

As a senior citizen, you're probably aware of the threat robots pose.

Robots are everywhere, and they eat old people's medicine for fuel.

Well, now there's a company that offers coverage against the unfortunate event of robot attack, with Old Glory Insurance.

Old Glory will cover you with no health check-up or age consideration.

You need to feel safe.

And that's harder and harder to do nowadays, because robots may strike at any time.

Jon Stewart at the Emmys

The Emmy Awards committee asked Jon Stewart to do a topical and edgy segment on their show.

However, due to recent FCC violations they also asked him to pre-tape it.

SNL: Cork Soakers

"I love-a soaking the cork! I could-a soak the cork all night long, if they let me! I want to-a soak two corks at once!" SNL gang with Janet Jackson as guest star.

M C Escher Drive

A driver navigates his way through and Escheresque world.

Viral for some automobile.

Sarah Silverman Roasts Pamela Anderson

Sarah Silverman backhandedly praises Pamela Anderson during her roast on Comedy Central.

Sarah is introduced with intimate detail by roastmaster and boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel.

Her retorts are equally revealing.

"Rick! Becky Bacharach is coming over.

Shes the most popular girl in school, shes coming over, cuz I told her that we had an indoor pool.

I lied Rick! (In a singing tone) Cover for meeee! Cover for me Riiiiick!" - Kaitlin.

Features guest host Linsday Lohan.

SNL: Schmitt Gay Beer

Two guys, who are watching a house for friends, discover a magic pool in the back that becomes a party when the water is turned on.

Saturday Night Live commercial parody.