While on a lunchbreak downtown, three cast members of Saturday Night Live discover that there is a man that looks exactly like Will Forte.

The trio then decide to find doppelgangers for Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg.

SNL digial short.

Aka Dopple Ganger.

Microsoft iPod Packaging

What if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging? Introducing the new I-pod Pro XP 2005 Human Ear Professional Edition.

SNL Doug Brogar: Young Chuck Norris

Music video for the Doug Brogar song, "Young Chuck Norris".

The fourth installment of a twelve part series of songs dedicated to Kung Fu heroes.

This SNL Digital Short was largly inspired by Dennis Madalone's partiotic rock ballad, "America We Stand As One".

SNL: Space War 2148

Alien Glurk voices an uncomfortable proposition to his fellow space war survivor, an American astronaut.

Enemy Mine based skit from SNL.

Tribal Jump

Make your way up the river avoiding obsticles.

Use your mouse to select an angle and power.

Once satisfied, click to jump.

SNL: iPod Invisa

Steve Jobs introduces the latest iPod device, the iPod Invisa.

Get it now before Apple hotwires your brain.

From Weekend Update on SNL.

SNL Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia Rap

"It's all about the Hamiltons baby." Hip-hop tribute to New York movie-going from Saturday Night Live's Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg.

The short film from SNL which spawned the Narnia rap battles.

SNL Dane Cook: New Wool Sweater

Dane Cook tries to impress a girl wearing an expensive wool sweater, but things turn for the worst.

Skit from SNL.

This sketch was originally cut from the dress rehearsals of the Steve Carell and Jon Heder episodes.

60 Second Trip

Look at the screen for 60 seconds, then take a look at your hand.

This trippy effect brought to you by your tired rods and cones.