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Collaborative project of Disney Research Zurich and the Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich.

When Cricket Balls Were Made By Hand: 1956

Southborough, Tunbridge, Kent.

There's a catch to this kitchen says the commentary - it's cricket balls being cooked not apples. This looks like a kitchen but is part of a small craft workshop. M/S man at an old style stove stirring a saucepan. C/U shot of red cricket ball pulled out of the pan of hot water. C/U tray of part made cricket balls. C/U string being wound around cork.

M/S Charlie Tingley 's face concentrating, as he hammers the ball into shape. He puts the ball onto a scale to check the weight. M/S as another man works on the red leather cowhide to encase ball. C/U stitching. C/U as the ball is held in a vice to be worked on. C/U as the leather is stitched with white thread. A man takes a tray of red balls to the oven. More stitching. C/U of tray of red cricket balls, with Twort gold stamp.

Studio Q: Comedian Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo joins Jian in Studio Q for a conversation that glided seamlessly between punchy banter and serious retrospection as she discussed everything from her "very lucky" early career to being marginalized for her political and social beliefs.