Supreme Court Clouds

Every mention of the word "cloud" from the hour-long Supreme Court oral arguments in ABC v. Aereo on April 22, 2014.

Video is Cory Arcangel's "Super Mario Clouds" (2002):

Evading Anti-Aircraft Fire from WWII

World War 2 Air Force training film in evasive maneuvers for bomber pilots to avoid being hit by antiaircraft fire.

FlaK comes from the German word for Anti-aircraft gun: Flugabwehrkanone.

Why Are We So Bad At Drawing Faces?

From average people, to world famous professional artists, we're all incredibly terrible at drawing faces! Why is this? Trace takes a look at the science of drawing faces, and why we draw humans that look like Neanderthals!

From Discovery News

I Just Went Gay: Bringing Up Baby

Scene often cited for changing the English language, Susan (Katharine Hepburn) swipes clothes from showering David (Cary Grant), who encounters Aunt Elizabeth (May Robson), in Howard Hawks' "Bringing Up Baby", 1938.

From Bringing Up Baby

Science of Chocolate

Richard Ludescher, professor of food science at Rutgers, and Rick and Michael Mast, of Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY explain the science and art of chocolate making.

From SciFri

DIY Maker: Bleeping Talk Timer

Bleeping Talk Timer is an analog countdown timer built with common components: resistors, capacitors, a potentiometer. Combined with a 555 timer, the timer will switch between LEDs and activate a piezo buzzer alarm when the time - as set by the potentiometer - is up!

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