DiResta: Simple Silkscreen

Silkscreening need not be expensive or complicated. In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy fashions a simple silkscreen and busts out some cool 'screens.

In each episode of DiResta, artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy.

Working LEGO Computer Keyboard

This is my latest project, a working computer keyboard custom built using LEGO pieces. The internal sensor pad and circuit board were taken from an old generic computer keyboard.

From Jason Allemann

Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram introduces the Wolfram Language in this video that shows how the symbolic programming language enables powerful functional programming, querying of large databases, flexible interactivity, easy deployment, and much, much more.

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Fake Chef Pranks Morning TV Shows Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival posed Prueher as an fictional TV chef named Chef Keith and attempted to get him booked on local morning news shows in the Midwest. The result was five disastrous TV appearances. See more Chef Keith at

Stephen Colbert Keynote at Controversial RSA Security Conference

Stephen Colbert delivered the closing keynote address at the 2014 RSA computer security conference Friday night, using humor to address the many revelations about privacy and security that have emerged since Edward Snowden first leaked documents from the National Security Agency.

"Let me begin by saying, 0110100001101001. And I mean that," Colbert said at the top of his speech.

He went on to downplay his own personal concerns about privacy. "I don't necessarily want people reading my emails but I'm not a spy, I don't run a crime syndicate," he said. "I've got things I don't want people to know but I didn't really go running for cover for a new way to encrypt."