Clerical and Computer Jobs in the 1970s

1970's film describing the growing field of computer clerical jobs and positions. Employees (mostly young people) are shown using various keypunch, punchcard, and computer reel machines, while the voiceover suggests the growth possibilities of this mind-numbing work. Great scenes of 70's fashion, complete with cheesy Seventies music! What will you do, when you're finally on your own?

100+ Sailor Moon Facts

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime out there and there's some crazy facts that everyone should know about the show.

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How Fusion Powers the Sun

The Sun contains 99.8 percent of all matter in the solar system. Under crushing pressure and extreme temperatures generated by gravity, the violent process of nuclear fusion powers the tremendous energy output of the sun.

From The Science Channel

American in Ireland Goes to China to Learn Mandarin and do Stand-up

Back in 2007 Irish-American comedian, Des Bishop, spent a year learning the Irish language well enough to perform a successful stand-up routine in the language of his forebears. Understandable perhaps, given his background. But why on Earth would that same comedian travel all the way to China, learn Mandarin Chinese, and then not merely try to perform in Chinese, but actually help establish a stand-up comedy scene in a country where one barely existed? That’s just one of the questions Fergus Thompson has for this mold-breaking, multilingual man of comedy in this week’s episode of “On the Level”.

Before they were Famous ft Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, John Travolta and Farrah Fawcett

7 Actors and actresses (1960's & 1970's) in commercials before they were famous.
Before they became famous movie and TV stars, they were doing commercials and advertisements for various companies and products.

Most of these commercials are funny, and show the difference in the way commercials were written and directed compared with commercials now.

1: Robert De Niro for AMC Ambassador (1969)
2: Farrah Fawcett for Union 76 (1972)
3: Dustin Hoffman for Volkswagen (1966)
4: Kim Basinger for Bright Side Shampoo (1972)
5: Lindsay Wagner for Twice As Nice Shampoo (1967)
6: John Travolta for U.S. Army (1973)
7: Cybil Shepherd for Cover Girl Make-up (1969)